The background

A brand of robot vacuums was losing market share in a specific segment for several weeks. Thanks to the weekly data frequency in gfknewron, it was able to identify the trend quickly to take measures to adjust, rather than wait for six more weeks to receive monthly data and spot the trend with time delays.

The action

The responsible product manager used gfknewron to detect the assortment gap in a specific channel responsible for the market share loss within 30 minutes. She then quantified the outlook of short term counter measures and determined that price promotions coupled with permanent price point adaptions should bring the brand performance in the affected channel back on track.

The result

11% monthly market share increase in the respective segment and 30% time reduction in root cause analysis – as well as a reaction that was taking effect when the underlying issue would just have started to figure in their traditional data delivery format.

monthly market share increase
time reduction

Turning risk into new opportunities