The background

This electric toothbrush manufacturer needed to maximize its promotions during cyber days among its top segments.​ However, in today’s dynamic market with increasing manufacturing costs and tighter marketing budgets, defining the best SKUs on which to run a promotion was a challenge. 

The action

The sales and product teams analyzed market prices, distribution levels and promotion elasticities for available models in online channels. Combining gfknewron KPIs and retailers’ stock information, it decided to run promotions for two SKUs with the best outlook for strong discount effects. 

The result

With a 10% discount, both models experienced exponential sales growth vs. previous week in 2022 and delivered an uplift that significantly exceeded predefined benchmarks.  With its brand delivering both on the rotation and the profitability side, they are now confident to improve the performance at the respective retailers even further.​





Running effective promotions