The background

After significant changes in consumer purchase behavior over the last several months, a category manager at this coffee machine manufacturer was looking to reassess its channels and retail partnership strategies to focus on the channels that now matter most to its business.

The action

Within gfknewron, this brand saw that its product sales were performing well on Amazon but not at Media Markt. To get more depth around why this could be, the category manager looked into how shoppers perceive the retailer, and what impacts the purchase decision of those shoppers who visited Media Markt throughout their path to purchase, but ended up buying somewhere else. He found that by adjusting which models were stocked at Media Markt, he could better hit consumer expectations to drive sales.

The result

An adjustment in product mix at the retailer, which drove sales in one target segment by 11%, and a new, collaborative approach to category management with Media Markt.



sales in one target segment

Partnering with the right retailers